Reporters are Using Social Media to Enhance Their Journalism

Journalist/Reporter Wolf Blitzer – CNN

Finding a reporter who enhances their journalism through social media is not a difficult task. Successful reporters are attention seekers and they will gain it by any means possible. Eventually, the reporter’s name and face becomes so recognizable that they create audience bigger than the vehicle they represent.

Take Wolf Blitzer for example. CNN’s current political lead journalist, Wolf Blitzer, began his career in Israel reporting for Reuters news agency long before any social media.  Speaking fluid Hebrew and Arabic, Wolf found himself in the public limelight by getting the opportunity to ask leaders in Egypt and Israel very controversial questions. He was one of the first to report the peace accord between President Begin of Israel and The Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Wolf Blitzer always found a way to stay in the headlines himself. In 1986, he became known widely in the U.S. as the reporter who interviewed Jonathan Pollard who was tried for spying for Israel. The interview was televised on national television which made him even more recognizable.

Jonathan Pollard on Trial for being a Israel spy.

In 1990, Blitzer moved to CNN and spent a month in Moscow. He was the first to visit and report on the KGB headquarters. Again, Blitzer was making the news by being the first to report it.

Wolf Blitzer has covered the Oklahoma City bombing, 911, and numerous presidential elections. He has become one of the most well-known and trusted journalist in the news today.



Wolf on Twitter

Wolf Blitzer Twitter

Wolf will tweet breaking news three – five times per day and sometimes on weekends. On the site itself, he writes, “Yes, I write my own tweets.”

Wolf will post photos, videos, and headlines and makes very good use of hastags and links. Sometimes he will scoop himself on Twitter before he conducts he television show. Why would he do such a thing? Wolf understands that a lot of his followers want the headline news now and the details later. In the 140 characters he has available on Twitter he writes the headline which piques people’s interest and tells people to watch his show at 5:00 to get more details.

Wolf Blitzer has adapted very quickly over the years to deliver the news to his followers. In the 70’s he worked in newspapers, wrote books in the 80’s, began cable news in the 90’s and finally adapted to social media news in the 2000’s.

By incorporating social media with cable, satellite and print Wolf Blitzer is able to reach more people. Social media compliments the other media best because it reaches people wherever they are at that moment. The news is delivered via Twitter when the consumer is at an airport, hotel lobby, office, or waiting at a stop light. Twitter also has the biggest advantage of all. Twitter allows people to engage in conversation and offer feedback to Wolf. Occasionally Wolf will respond to clarify or let his followers know that he is listening.

Wolf Blitzer on Facebook with his show on CNN The Situation Room

To be the leader in the news you have to be present in all of the major news platforms. The biggest source for news for people ages 18-35 is social media. So in order to reach this age group, Wolf needs to use the medium in which the audience uses. And in this case he does very well.

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  1. Hi Ronald,

    I really appreciated your insight this week, and I was intrigued by your choice of Wolf Blitzer. I think what impressed me the most about the way that he uses social media is that he combines different digital collateral to create a really well-rounded brand that his readers can submerge themselves into with his use of Spotifiy and Twitter. I think it’s really interesting that he ‘scoops’ himself too with Twitter, it’s a way to reward his loyal followers with hot information and genius because they will probably still tune in to watch his coverage of the breaking news that they heard about through his Twitter feed first. Genius! Thanks for sharing the great article!

    • Wendy,
      Thank you for responding. Yes, I chose a figure that has been around for a long time, but I noticed about a year ago that he was putting extra effort in making a social media presence. I followed it and it really made his brand stronger. Success leaves clues. He have given us an example of how to use social media and proven that it really works.



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