Most Engaging News Article This Week

Most Engaging News Article This Week

In the news this week, we had earthquakes in Nepal, train wrecks in Philadelphia, tornadoes in Texas, and snow in Iowa. But I chose the one article that may not make it in the top 20 news items in any given day. I chose an article about pretty girl, a 27 year old blond from Kentucky, who got skin cancer from too much tanning.

Photo credit: Twitter

I received the article via WDBO 96.5 FM in Orlando on their Twitter feed. WDBO credited Twitter for the photo but received the photo and comments straight from Tawny Willoughby’s Facebook post. Apparently this 27 year old grew up with a tanning booth in her home and tanned more than five days per week.

Tawny posted the picture on Facebook and said, “If anyone needs a little motivation to not lay in the tanning bed and sun here ya go!” These photos have gone viral and retweeted 10,210 times.

The story engaged me because this could happen to me. I love to jog in the middle of the afternoon throughout the year and I live in Orlando.

After seeing this I will sure put on sun block and change my running schedule to 10:00 p.m. I may even carry an umbrella. My neighbors may laugh, but I don’t want this to happen to me.

The article is a short story with very little details. It did not need to be a lengthy story for me to get the message. The photo tells most of the story by itself.

The article was written by Samantha Jordan and uses common journalistic practices. Here is the original sentence

By Samantha Jordan (Links to an external site.)

“One woman wanting to raise awareness of the dangers of tanning beds took to social media and posted a grisly photo of her bloody, blistered face after her own skin cancer treatment.”

The photo clearly captures your attention and Samantha’s first sentence gives you the bulk of the story in one sentence. The first sentence draws the reader in and makes you wonder what caused this situation and how is the victim doing today.

It turns out the victim is alive and well. She is now 27 years old and a mother of a 3 year old. Consequently, she continues to have melanoma skin cells removed annually.

The message is clear to me. “Stay out of the sun!”

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