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The 8 Module Coaching Program

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Each module, you will take major steps toward opening your own business and generating income. You will meet with Professor Weber, who will walk you through the necessary steps than you will be given a series of homework that you will complete on your own. Once the module is complete you can move on to the next.

Week 1

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • How to identify your unique talents and skills
  • How to identify opportunities and threats in your community
  • How to adapt your talents to what the community needs today
  • Discuss what’s not perfect in your life yet.
  • Find the real driving force for your actions

Module 1 Homework

  • You will research external factors in your industry. This is the beginning of you becoming an expert.

Module 2

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • Review previous week’s homework
  • You will set inspiring goals and link these goals to your business
  • You will take a holistic approach to identifying your goals. Balance is important to making key decisions
  • Accomplish Goals, Material Goals, Financial Goals and Health Goals
  • Goals that give you the unstoppable energy to follow through

Module 2 Homework

  • Research different type of legal business structures ie. sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation
  • Find and study others in your industry who are already successful at what you want to do


Module 3

Meeting with Professor Weber:

  • Review previous week’s assignment
  • Determining your target market
  • Determining your positioning strategy
  • Introduce the marketing plan

Module 3 Homework

  • Research pricing strategies of others in your industry
  • Research how others in your industry distribute their products and services

Module 4

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • Review previous week’s homework
  • Develop pricing strategies help you penetrate your market
  • Develop pricing strategies for different markets and different products
  • Set up your distribution plan so that other may sell your products
  • Discussion of business location, if necessary

Module 4 Homework

  • Write down the factors you like about good quality websites
  • Visit the social sites of 3 organizations and write down what you like
  • Research optional locations and gather rental prices, if necessary

Module 5

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • Review previous week’s homework
  • Establishing your promotional plan
    • Personal Selling
    • Sales and Trade Promotions
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Developing your Website
  • Developing your own social media sites

Module 5 Homework

  • Add material to your website
  • Add material to your social sites
  • Order business cards

Module 6

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • Review previous week’s homework
  • Design advertising strategies that get people to call place orders
  • Learn how to use social media to build to build relationships with customers

Module 6 Homework

  • Continue adding material to your website and social media sites
  • Research the costs of advertising in traditional medium in your community
  • Produce additional videos, photographs, and content for social sites

Module 7

Meeting with Professor Weber:

  • Review all previous homework
  • Developing personal selling skills
  • Setting up your accounting system
  • Understanding Contracts

Module 7 Homework

  • Set up your checking account
  • Set up your Paypal, SquareUp, and or merchant account
  • Collect details for finding the break-even point

Module 8

Meeting with Professor Weber

  • Review previous week’s homework
  • Learn how to use social media analytics and metrics
  • Design metrics to let you know if your marketing efforts are working
  • Revisit Goals
  • Graduation!

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