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Psychology of Entrepreneurialism

There is more to becoming an entrepreneur than just having a business idea. Ok…so you knew that. But did you also know there is a lot more than just coming up with a great marketing plan and a loan from a bank? I’ve seen so many businesses fail not because they didn’t have a good service it was because they did not become the kind of person it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Professor Weber and his staff have a business model that will increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. They can show you how to build on your talents and skills to create a business where you can do what you love. Let them coach you through the process.

Content Marketing: It's All About the Story

In the early history of humans we would sit around the fire at night and tell tales of myths, gods, and legends. Hunters would tell a story about how they killed the biggest mammoth. Fishermen would tell a story of how they landed the great white whale. Moby Dick is probably a story that has been handed down and recreated many times.

Content Marketing Plays Big Role in Social Media

Content marketing can be described as the “value” a brand offers in hopes to build a positive association with potential customers. Value from a brand may come in many forms, such as straight facts, training, entertainment, connection, storytelling, coupons, inspiration, or contribution. A blog posted by a member of a brand can provide key details that will be immediately helpful to readers, for example, “Caricature Artists get 16 Gigs a month via Social Media”. Value may also come in the form of a video or a game that temporarily relieves the viewer of stress or possibly inspires creative thinking.

Which Sites Get Shared and Tweeted the Most

Nine out of ten most shared posts on Facebook is related to the news. However, the most shared Facebook site is not a news organization, it called Playbuzz. What is Playbuzz? Playbuzz has several pages like Playbuzz Entertainment, Playbuzz Smart, and Playbuzz Cute. You know when you are at happy hour and someone says “This app tells me if I were an animal, I would be most like a Panda.” Then another person says, “Ooh…ooh…do me!” You go through a short survey and the app uses algorithms to link you up with an animal with similar statistics. They have hundreds of topics. Playbuzz proudly can say they have the most engaging and shared content in social media.

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