Content Marketing Plays Big Role in Social Media

Photo provided by: Content Marketing Iniatives – Content Equals Value Content marketing can be described as the “value” a brand offers in hopes to build a positive association with potential customers. Value from a brand may come in many forms, such as straight facts, training, entertainment, connection, storytelling, coupons, inspiration, or contribution. A blog […]

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Reporters are Using Social Media to Enhance Their Journalism


Journalist/Reporter Wolf Blitzer – CNN Finding a reporter who enhances their journalism through social media is not a difficult task. Successful reporters are attention seekers and they will gain it by any means possible. Eventually, the reporter’s name and face becomes so recognizable that they create audience bigger than the vehicle they represent. Take Wolf […]

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Which Sites Get Shared and Tweeted the Most

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Which Sites Get Shared and Tweeted Most on Facebook and Twitter? Facebook’s Most Shared Sites Nine out of ten most shared posts on Facebook is related to the news. However, the most shared Facebook site is not a news organization, it called Playbuzz. What is Playbuzz? Playbuzz has several pages like Playbuzz Entertainment, Playbuzz Smart, […]

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Social Media in 2025


Social Media in 2025 Social Media in the future will become more specialized to the needs and interests of each audience member. By 2025, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest will have adapted their platform for each user so that it would appear by today’s standards that people live in their […]

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What Role Does Social Media Play in the News?

What Role Does Social Media Play in the New? Social media plays a major role in how news is created, collected, communicated, and consumed. One photo or one video can make the news all by itself. The “No-Go Britain” video was an investigation on how England’s disabled citizen traveled on the local transportation. The news […]

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Topics in Marketing

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Target Market versus Mass Marketing Target marketing is when a marketer decides to break down the entire potential customers into smaller more homogeneous segments. The marketer usually divides the segments in geography, demographic characteristics, psychographic characteristics, and behaviorists. By doing so, the marketer can adjust the marketing mix strategies to help meet the needs of […]

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Ready to Start a Business?


Starting a business can seem risky, costly, and time consuming, right? Many of my clients, students, and friends tell me that they would love to operate their own business except they say things like: I can’t afford it right now. What if I fail?  Where will that leave me? My spouse is not 100% behind […]

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